2014 - 2016
TU Berlin : Master degree in Electrical Engineering (dual degree)
2012 - 2016
École Centrale de Lyon: enrolled in a engineering degree
2010 - 2012
Elite undergraduate program: lycée Pierre de Fermat in Toulouse (31), Preparation for the competitive entrance examinations to French engineering school
2007 - 2012
Highschool - Lycée Pilote Innovant International (86): innovative, pilot and international high-school. French scientific Baccalauréat



2013 - 2014
Research project: Design of a node connecting WPAN and WLAN networks
Collaboration with the INL Laboratory (Lyon)
C Program - KICAD - Microcontrollers (Microchip)
2012 - 2013
President of the ECLAIR students association (which manages the network and IT of Centrale students: more than 700 users)
Setup of a Cloud storage (based on ownCloud) - Design of a meta-website for the students and alumni - Network administration
Student project: Design of a tool to measure extremely low frequency magnetic fields
Collaboration with the Amère Laboratory (Lyon)
MATLAB program - Setup of a magnetometer on a chip
2009 - 2010
Research project in particle physics with CERN and IN2P3
Received first prize in two science competitions (Olympiades de Physique, Faites de la Science)
Particle physics - Experiments - Popularization - Design of a board game on the LHC topic
2008 - 2009
Writing workshop in partnership with OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle: group of french writers who work by choosing style and content constraints)

Work Experience

Master Thesis at BESSY II (particle accelarator in Berlin) - Localization and correction of perturbation on the storage ring.
Research internship with Francesco P. Andriulli (Télécom Bretagne) - Analysis and design of technics and tools for experiments and computation on EEG material
Industry internship: SNCF - Maintenance of BB26000 engines (Technicentre SNCF Oullins)
2010 and 2011
Seasonal work - Handling in a moving firm (BIARDEAU SARL, in Niort, 79)

Professional expertise

Head of project, team coordination, time management
Signal processing, Filter design, Control theory, Channel/Source coding, Electromagnetism, Mathematics
Computer Sciences
Program C/C++, Python, MATLAB, Latex - System and Network administration Linux, Bridging, VLAN, Virtualization KVM, Apache2, MySQL
English - Fluent : TOEFL 613pts (B2/C1)
German - Professional skills : B2 (European notation system), 2 years spent in Berlin


General knowledge

Classics from the XIXth and XXth century and Nouveau Roman
French Cinéma d'auteur and 40-50s american movies
Jazz, Electronic music, General rock


Mountain sports
Rock climbing, hiking, ski
Open Source
KDE Contributor, Open Source and Linux enthusiast