Portrait of Olivier Churlaud
Olivier Churlaud, Operational ground segment architect at CNES

📞 +33 (0)6 98 29 02 52

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Operational ground segment architect @CNES

I work for the French Space Agency: CNES.

I'm the lead architect for the new generation of operational ground segments. Already operating SWOT and N3SS. Getting ready to launch the KINEIS constellation.

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Doing space standard @CCSDS

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

At CCSDS, together with all the other space agencies, we build interoperability standards to make future international cooperations easier.

KDE Plasma desktop with opened consoles and IDE
Hacking for fun

I have some Python and C++/Qt/Qml projects. I try not to have too many Raspberry Pis at home.

Find my projects on my Github.

The Vignemale, the highest of the French Pyrenean summits
In the mountains the rest of the time

Hiking, climbing, skiing... The Pyrenees are my favorite playground.

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